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The Source of Time

Where does time come from? What is the source of time?

Apples come from trees – trees come from apple seeds. Water comes from rain – rain comes from clouds – and clouds come from evaporating water in lakes and oceans.

Light comes from the sun, the sun comes from gasses expelled by other suns as they emit light.

If one person stands at the equator and another person stands in the Arctic, the person at the equator will rotate around the spin of the earth faster than the person in the Arctic. Their speed changes depending where they are on the surface of the earth. In this scenario time is constant, speed is not. In the same 24 hour period the person at the equator travels a much longer distance around the rotation of the earth than the person in the Arctic. To travel further in the same time span you must be moving faster.

Anyway, could it be that the source of time is gravity and motion? Would time be different on another planet, with a different gravity and speed of planetary rotation than earth? Is there an example where the reverse is possible, where the distance is constant and time changes? Yes, when the speed changes? Two goats running the sames distance at different speeds will arrive at different times. Pretty simple right!

What affects time? Hint: Gravity. When gravity is ‘heavier’ things fall to the ground faster. Consider the gravity (speed) of a falling rock dropped from 500 feet above the earths surface through air, and the same rock dropped into the ocean. The friction of the water would slow the rock down a bit, kind of like how gravity works. The end result being the rock would travel the same distance in different amounts of time.

If time speeds up as a space ship travels faster towards the speed of light, as the Theory of Relativity claims; then the space men will find that time back on earth has passed slower than their experience of time. In essence, the space men will have traveled forward in time. “Einstein showed that if a twin leaves the earth in a rocket travelling at speeds close to the speed of light, when he returns to Earth he will be younger than the sibling left at home.” Ok yeah, prove it, not on paper, but in the real world!

Stopping the flow of water around the planet would entail stopping evaporation, the sun being the #1 culprit of evaporation. So “turning the sun off” so to speak in terms of time may indeed stop time. If the speed of the planets rotation stopped, how would this affect time? Or our perception of time?

When a grand father clock’s pendulum slows down, the clocks “reporting of” time slows down, in other words we still have 24 hours in a day, but the clock is operating in a different “time”, say a 23 hour day. The speed of the pendulum affects time, or more specifically the distance the hands move around the face of the grand father clock. So really, the clock isn’t measuring time, it’s measuring distance as a function of speed multiplied by time. Here time is constant, speed slows down, the distance of the clock’s hands is 1/24th shy of a full hour. (12 slices of the pie on the clock face X 2 spins around the clock face = a 24 hour day). So the clock really is not operating in a different time, it just operating at a different speed.

But… have you heard the one about a wrist watch reporting time differently when worn to the top of a really big mountain like Mt. Everest?

“General Theory of Relativity showed that clocks run more quickly at higher altitudes because they experience a weaker gravitational force than clocks on the surface of the Earth.” OK, but isn’t that the same as a pendulum moving slower? Weaker gravity would imply to my lay brain as atoms moving slower in the clocks themselves, so wouldn’t that make the clocks run slower, not faster as the Theory of Relativity states? Or does this mean the opposite, less gravity frees atoms up from the pull of the earth so they can move faster? I know, too many questions and not enough answers.

Traveling backwards in time may be equivalent to reversing the cycle of apple & tree, going back to a time before the tree existed by reverse evolution. Imagine a tree de-evolving to a plant that reproduces by spores or whatever trees did before they bore fruit. I suppose this would be possible if the environment changed and enough years passed to support these changes before the tree went extinct due to extreme climate changes. But for time to go backwards it seems more of a sci-fi fantasy.

Water has properties of waves, so does sound and light. Water flows like a stream, so does light. Does time act like a wave, with different speeds (frequencies) and volume/quantity (amplitudes)? Water can pool up, it’s flow stopping. How does time stop? Light can be eliminated (really dark curtains) without affecting the source (the sun). Can time be eliminated or pooled up without affecting it’s source?

Who knows? Really, do you know?


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