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My most used phone Apps.

These are my most used phone Apps. Currently I’m using a Samsung S5, I just scrapped my 3 year old iPhone. I’m loving the bigger screen on the Samsung. The UI took a bit of getting used to, but it rather smooth sailing so far. I still find cut & paste a ton easier to use on the iPhone, but liking a change of GUI with Android. Also liking far more storage for same price with Samsung for local music storage.

The obvious built in apps: Phone, Messenger, Contacts.

The more serious stuff:

Rdio – I’ve found lots of new music on this app, stream or download for $12 a month.

Google Play Music – Their recommendations are different than Rdio, so I find different things -) where (things == music) {listen;}

Google Maps

Chrome web browser – I tend to surf the web a lot on my phone, instead of installing web site in an App type apps. It’s quicker to open a web browser.

Gmail – I use this for more development related emails.

Mail – I use this for my work email and a general personal email. 

Yo – Getting hooked on this little puppy.

Twitter – I only use it about once every 2 weeks, but I always use it.

Facebook – Again I may log in once every 2 weeks, but hardly ever post. I’m too busy to bother. 

LinkedIn – Another social app I might use once a week, more for work stuff.

Voice Recorder – I use it to record song / guitar ideas.

Games – I’m not playing any right now, but that might change.

That’s about it for now. As you can see my app use is rather simple. I spend most of my spare time coding at a Mac Book laptop, so apps tend to be more for getting work done. When I take coding breaks I’ll dig into my Kindle reader, and games like Three’s.


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